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What is a Circumcision?

On the penis, a layer of skin called the foreskin exists and covers the tip of the penis. Circumcision refers to the process of removing the foreskin and is commonly performed due to medical, hygiene, cultural or religious purposes.


Circumcision if done under anaesthesia and is painless during the surgery. It is a Minor Surgery that is done in a Day Surgery setting and patients are discharged on the same day and given adequate hospitalization leave from work appropriately.

Benefits and Risks

The benefits of circumcision far outweigh its risks. Removing the foreskin prevents foreskin-associated conditions and has also been shown to help lower the risk of the spreading of HIV and other diseases that can be contracted sexually. The risks of getting a urinary tract infection or penile cancer have also been shown to be lower after circumcision.


Complications that may occur after circumcision could be an infection or bleeding. However, these are very unlikely to occur with proper equipment and can be managed with simple antibiotics or pressure tamponade if it even occurs.

Should a Circumcision be done?

The decision to go for a circumcision procedure lies entirely up to the individual. Though there are benefits that come with circumcision, many of the things that circumcision prevents can also be achieved with proper care and hygiene.


Should you still have any enquiries or doubts, do drop us a message and we will be pleased to offer our professional opinions.

Why should you choose Dr Colin Teo to perform your Circumcision Surgery?

Dr Colin Teo is a respected ex-founding Head of Urology Department with year’s of experience in minimally invasive key-hole surgery operating with precision surgical techniques and has trained many of his trainees and fellows. He did a Fellowship in EndoLaparoscopy and Andrology in St James’s Hospital in Leeds, UK, and was sponsored for a Senior Healthcare Medical Development Program (HMDP) in Advanced Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery in University of Southern California (USC) Keck Hospital in Los Angeles, USA. He is the President of the Society for Men’s Health and he performs his circumcision using fine sutures with his precision suturing techniques providing good clinical outcome. He also utilizes a comfortable post-surgery dressing that makes recovery easy without the need for cumbersome dressing change in a sensitive and wet area exposed to urination.